What is Wild Wolves?

Level 1.  Ages 3-6. Skill building. This class focuses on bringing our youngest wolves into the pack by teaching them the value of teamwork, following directions, and learning to focus within the group setting. 

At level 1, our objective is to get everyone through the first level of our 4 part beginner system.  The core movements, postures, and coordination learned in this class lay the foundation, and are considered a prerequisite to learning more advanced Jiu Jitsu concepts. 

Belt level: 0-Jr. Camo

Level 2.  Super Wolves. Ages (about) 5-10. In this class, we start learning Jiu Jitsu fundamentals.  Takedowns, escapes, breaking grips, and basic pinning techniques are taught in this class as the students begin their transition from entry level students to becoming martial artists. 

Belt level: Jr. camo minimum to enter.  Curriculum consists of refreshing jr. Camo and getting them to full camo. 

Level 3. Golden Wolves. Ages (about) 6-10.  This is the Jr. Wolfpack.  Wild Wolves competition team.  In this class, we train with a competition focus.  The intensity turns up a notch, and while the techniques will become more advanced, we place emphasis on preparing for tournaments, getting those who are interested ready to learn Jiu Jitsu at competition pace.  Competitive Jiu Jitsu is not for everyone, but for those who want to compete, this is the class.  

Belt level: Jr. Camo minimum.  

Curriculum consists of refreshing jr. Camo and camo techniques, plus competition prepping and intro to submissions. 

Level 4. Wolfpack beginners.  Ages (about) 8-15.  This is the first Wolfpack aged class.  This beginners class covers the basics of level 1 and 2, but with a faster pace; better suited to the older entry level student. 

Belt level: white

Level 5. Odin’s Wolfpack.  Ages (about) 8-14.  This is the premiere kids class at OH.  All of our national competitors have come from level 5.  Mostly consisting of upper belt competitors, this class moves fast.  Everyone is expected to know the basics, and come in ready to work.  Curriculum is based on our adult curriculum, while tailor-fitting it to the specific needs/abilities of our competition level kids.  This is the hardest class of the day, designed to bring out the best in our kids as we prepare them for the next level.

Belt level: Full camo 

Level 6. Teen class. Ages (about) 13-16.  Teen class is designed to help with the transition from our kid program to our adult program.  At 13, kids become eligible to come to adult classes.  Teen class exists as a segue, helping them to train in a more mature environment, gradually easing them into the demands of our adult curriculums. 

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